Welcome to Watson’s Corner, a place for craft beer stories & conversation.

Beer is so much more than just what’s in your glass. It’s more than its style or the numbers on the label.

Craft beer is made by passionate people with stories to share. It combines art, science, business and branding. It encourages experimentationpushes boundaries and makes a statement.

These are the stories we’ll discover & discuss in Watson’s Corner.

While much of this information can be found on brewery websites or in interviews with brewers, it takes a certain level of beer geek (eh hem, me) to go dig it up.

Watson’s Corner brings these stories together in one place, from across the States and around the world, to highlight the diversity of the craft beer community and the breadth of beer culture.

While what’s in your glass should speak for itself, it can be heard a little louder when given a voice.

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