2017 Best Nine // #8

Cousin bonding at Craft Beer Rising

Cousin bonding at Craft Beer Rising

2017 Best Nine // #8 // A family affair at Craft Beer Rising

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We were a bit short staffed at the Duvel stand at Craft Beer Rising back in February 2017, so my cousin, Megan, helped out and got to experience the whirlwind world of craft beer first hand.

The only catch?

She doesn’t like beer.

Or so she thought…

At the Duvel stand, we were sampling La Chouffe (a strong Belgian Blond ale), Vedett Extra White (a Belgian Witbier), Boulevard Single Wide IPA (you guessed it, an IPA), and Liefmans Fruitesse (a Fruit Beer made with 5 different fruits). Sadly, it wasn’t any of our beers that convinced Megan to join the dark side though.

She’s a cider drinker, so it was the sour stuff that best fit her palate.

The Berliner Weisse from Devil’s Peak was her big winner of the night. But we were both pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed Breakfast of Champignons, a mushroom beer from Wild Beer. And, back in familiar territory, she found some very tasty cider from the folks at Thistly Cross.

When your 9-to-5 and 5-to-9 are both heavily drenched in beer, it’s easy to get oversaturated by it all.

The best bit of this weekend was welcoming my cousin into my world and showing her what a fun, friendly, collaborative and creative one the world of craft beer is. We had a ball. And bonus(!), Megan now happily drinks Berliner Weisse.

I’d call that a success!

(Thanks again for your help that weekend, Megs, and for putting up with me talking about beer alllllllll the time!!)