2017 Best Nine // #5

Manuka or tea tree

Manuka or tea tree

#5 // The tea tree (yes, this still has to do with beer)

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At the beginning of the year, I wrote a blog post about a beer from Moonlight Brewing Co in Northern California that’s brewed, not with hops for bitterness, but with branches of the tea tree, or manuka tree, as it’s also known.

I didn’t have a great picture to share with the post, so I decided to dip my toes into the collaborative nature of the internet and searched on Instagram for other people’s pictures of the manuka tree. I found this lovely picture from Instagram user @sweets_caroline and asked for her permission to share it. It was a fun way to mix audiences and tap into a new world on social media.

I’m pretty entrenched in the beer world online (although my Instagram search page does have a heavy helping of adorable sausage dogs as they are my absolute fave), so it was nice to take a break from pictures of beer bottles, breweries, and bars, and get to see the pictures that other people post, from their adventures in New Zealand, for example, and find ways to tie them into my beery world.

We can create some pretty cool things when we work with others. I’ll always cheers to that!

Happy 2018, everyone!