2017 Best Nine // #2


2017 Best Nine // #2 //  Practice makes perfect 

(If you missed yesterday’s post, start here!)

After achieving my Cicerone certification, I knew I wanted to host a series of talks and tastings, but was a bit nervous to get started.

I’d taught in the past – as an after school community health educator while in university, then as a teaching assistant while in graduate school – but then I was given the content and a classroom full of students, well, required, to be there.

This time around, I had to create my own content, find a classroom, and fill the seats. So, to get comfortable at the front of the class again, I rounded up nearby family and friends for a practice round.

Having gotten my beery start in London at Mother Kelly’s in Bethnal Green, their Well Street Bottle Shop was a fitting location for my first beer talk. (And has played host to nearly every one since! Thank you!!)

With so much support in the room, there was no way this talk couldn’t have gone well. Although this action shot is a bit blurry, it’s clear to see – I’m beaming. (I promise Sharona had a good time, too. Even if the picture might make you a bit skeptical!)

It’s also worth noting that this picture was taken by Susie Statham, who now has her very own beery bottle shop in Kingston – 7,000 Jars of Beer!

To me, this picture is a lovely reminder of how close knit and supportive the London beer community can be. (Shout out to the Crafty Beer Girls for making so many introductions and for keeping us all connected!)

Now’s probably also a good time to send out a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me make these beery talks and tastings a reality. I’m so, so grateful for your support.

To be continued with picture #3 tomorrow!