Woods Beer Co // MateVeza

Woods Beer Co // MateVeza

Fancy a cup of tea?

While back in the Bay Area last May, I got to revisit one of my favorite watering holes in San Francisco – Woods Cervecería.

Owned by my good friend Catherine’s brother, Jim, Woods Cervecería in San Francisco’s Mission District, was the first outpost of Woods Beer Co.

Woods CerveceriaToday’s story isn’t about the bar though, it’s about the beer that started it all – the MateVeza IPA.

This beer’s name comes from the inclusion of mate, or yerba mate as it’s more commonly known, in the brewing process.

Yerba mate, a South American plant, can be brewed into a herbal tea that has earthy, bitter flavors and a slight touch of sweetness.

As expected, MateVeza IPA, has much the same flavor profile – a touch sweet, with a minty, herbal bitterness that complements the bitterness from the hops.

MateVeza IPATheir first brew – and now Woods Beer Co.’s flagship – MateVeza was one of the earlier craft beers to incorporate tea into the brewing process, and it’s certainly tipped off a trend.

From Marble Brewery’s Earl Grey IPA, to Redchurch’s Little One, brewed with lemon, thyme and chamomile, and Weird Beard’s Panakot Palace, a masala chai milk stout, tea’s become an increasingly popular ingredient to play with when brewing.

Never one to shy away from a bit of fun, Woods Beer Co. is committed to making “adventurous beers for curious drinkers.”

Need a little more excitement in your beer line up? Stop by one of their now-five venues across the Bay Area and try anything from their seasonal Girl Scout Cookie Beers to the cocktail-inspired Fernet + Coke.

Woods Cookie BeersNot up for adventure? Not to worry. You’ll find punchy pale ales, beautiful brown ales, and a super-sessionable saison rotating in and out of the line up.

If you’re in the area, pop in and have a pint for me! (P.S. The newest outpost of Woods Beer Co – Outbound – is now open. Go give them a warm welcome in the Outer Sunset!)


Image source: Woods Beer Co Instagram