BBP // Capt Norb Kolsch

Basqueland Brewing Project // Captain Norbert

With Father’s Day around the corner, this story is especially fitting.

San Sebastian, Spain’s own Basqueland Brewing Project (BBP) was started a few years back by three Americans living in Spain’s Basque region who were “dedicated to brewing beer on par with the Basque culinary experience.”

Their core range includes several expected styles – wheat beer, amber, pale ale, IPA, and stout – but one style in particular stood out to me, and conveniently, it’s got a great story to go with it (which is especially fitting as Father’s Day is this coming Sunday).

Basqueland’s Captain Norbert is a Kölsch.

BBP // Capt Norb Kolsch

At 4.9%, this is one easy drinking beer. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Kölsch is a fascinating style – unlike most German beer styles, Kölsch beer is produced using top-fermenting ale yeast (not bottom-fermenting lager yeast), and is then lagered, or stored at cold temperatures, prior to serving.

Ale yeast are often described as having a “less-clean” fermentation profile than lager yeast, as they produce byproducts, called esters, that lead to fruit aromas and flavors. However, at colder temperatures, these esters are produced in much lower quantities, allowing the base malt aromas and flavors to shine through.

The delicate Kölsch style has a honey-like sweetness from the malt, complemented by subtle fruit esters and spicy, floral hop notes. Clear gold in appearance, this style has a smooth mouthfeel and dry, refreshing finish.

So how does this beer relate to Father’s Day? It’s named after the brewer’s dad! “A salute to you Cap’n Norb!”

BBP // Capt Norb Kolsch
A beer with hashtags!

This is also the first beer I’ve seen that comes with its own hashtags – #SaluteCaptNorb and #BBPkolsch – so I figured I’d use ‘em.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit too short notice for you to brew a beer named after your dad in time for Father’s Day, but there’s always time to make him his own hashtag! This one’s for you #ProudPapaPJ 🙂