Bosteels // Tripel Karmeliet

Bosteels // Tripel Karmeliet

Although it is a Belgian Tripel, the “tripel” in this beer’s name is for another reason. Can you guess?

Bosteels Brewery’s famed Tripel Karmeliet is brewed with three different kinds of grain – wheat, oats, and barley.

And the “karmeliet”? As much as it sounds a bit like “caramel” to us English-speakers, possibly hinting at the grainy sweet-flavor of this golden ale, the second half of this beer’s name derives from the former Carmelite monastery in Dendermonde, Belgium.

First brewed by Bosteels in 1996, Tripel Karmeliet is said to be brewed to the monastery’s original recipe from 1679.

Golden in color, this three grain beer has a honey-like sweetness that makes it approachable, accessible… and deceptively boozy, at 8.4% abv. The Belgian yeast character also enhances the sweetness with notes of banana and vanilla.

With great distribution outside of Belgium, this beer is often many craft beer drinkers’ first introduction to the Belgian Tripel style – and it’s an award winning one at that.

Want a taste of history? Treat yourself to a tipple of this triple-grain Tripel. (Yes, I had too much fun writing that.)



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