Toppling Goliath // Dorothy

Toppling Goliath // Dorothy’s

Making their UK debut at Mother Kelly’s a few weeks back, Iowa’s own Toppling Goliath Brewing Company sent over four of their best sellers in tall boy cans.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day (in the States at least, which is where my mom is – hi Fern! – and when I’ll be sending my card), I thought this’d be a lovely story to tell.

Dorothy’s, Toppling Goliath’s “new world lager,” is named after the founder’s grandmother.

A “classic beauty”, this California Common-style lager is described as “easy going, mild in body, and clean in taste.”

Their flagship lager, Toppling Goliath says that much like Grandma Dorothy, this beer is “forever dear to our hearts.”

Starting as a tiny brewery in Iowa in 2009, Toppling Goliath received heaps of buzz after taking second place on RateBeer’s top 100 breweries list in 2015.

Growth doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon, so I’m sure Grandma Dorothy is well proud of her grandson.

This Mother’s Day, why not raise a toast to your mom, grandma, or any special mother-figure in your life with a can of Dorothy’s. Cheers!

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