Buxton & Lervig // Trolltunga

England’s Buxton Brewery collaborated with Lervig Brewery from Norway on a gooseberry sour IPA called Trolltunga.

Buxton & Lervig // Trolltunga 1

Named after a jutting rock formation in Norway of the same name, legend has it that only the very brave make the trek to the end of the rock formation’s path which ends 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

Many of Buxton’s beers are named after natural beauties here in England, so it’s only fitting that a brew that’s a “celebration of friendship and a love of wild places” with a Norwegian brewery be named after one of their natural beauties.

I mean, just check out that view!

Trolltunga Cliff, Norway

Just like the real Trolltunga, Buxton & Lervig’s version is certainly out there. A gooseberry sour IPA, Trolltunga has a pleasant tartness with a gooseberry prickle that bites at the tongue.

Super mouthwatering, this beer makes you go back for those second and third sips right away. It clocks in at 6.3% abv – pretty standard for an IPA – but it’s so tart and refreshing, you’ll think you’re drinking a session beer.

Maybe after a few of these we’ll all be brave enough to make the trek to the end of Trolltunga!

 Buxton & Lervig // Trolltunga 2

Image sources: Thumbnail, Trolltunga Cliff, Fullsize by Natalya Watson