Duvel Moortgat // Vedett

Duvel Moortgat // Vedett

Duvel Moortgat // Vedett

Watson’s Corner has been getting dusty of late and for that I apologize.

When I started this blog back in September, I set out to post three pieces a week. Then, come January, I let myself slide to two. Now here we are, April, and I haven’t posted at all in weeks. The best laid schemes…

While I’ve been out of this office, however, I’ve been very much involved at my other office, Duvel Moortgat UK.

Since I started at the end of November 2015, I’ve gotten to understand the business from many different perspectives – from logistics, stock management, and international haulage; to trade show execution from preparation to pack up, including asset design and vendor management.

Now, I’m forging forward in a new direction – taking on the marketing initiatives for Duvel Moortgat’s brands here in the UK.

Our main focus will be on our UK best seller, Vedett, which includes Vedett Extra Blond, a premium lager, Vedett Extra White, a Belgian-style wit bier, and Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA, a Belgian-style IPA with loads of hops and loads of Belgian yeast character.

In addition to incredible quality and consistency, these beers have such fun branding to play with and promote. While Vedett may sit slightly in the shadow of his more distinguished older brother, Duvel, the brand brings so much color and personality to the table, it’s impossible to ignore – just look at the amazing work our brand team has put together in Belgium!

My goal is to help make Vedett as recognizable and beloved here in the UK as it is in Belgium… while having fun and learning loads along the way, of course.

That doesn’t mean Watson’s Corner is going to fall my the wayside, however.

I’m busting out my Swiffer Sweeper to dust away those cobwebs and am committing to my two-post-a-week plan. Who else is going to share these beer’s stories?!

So keep tabs on me/Watson’s Corner on Twitter (@natalyafern).

And if you want to check out what I’m up to when I’m not writing here, give us a follow on Twitter (@Vedett_UK) or like us on Facebook (/VedettUK).

We’ve got loads of fun plans for Vedett this year, so stay tuned!

And thanks again for your support here in Watson’s Corner.



Image source: Vedett’s Instagram, run by our super creative brand team in Belgium (hi Bart!)