Westbrook // White Thai

Westbrook // White Thai

Westbrook Brewing Co in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has the mission to “make the most interesting, drinkable, and generally awesome beer possible.”

Furthermore, they “love experimenting with different ingredients and brewing techniques,” and their White Thai beer is an example of just that.

Belgian Witbier is typically characterized by an elegant blend of fruity, floral, sweet and spicy aromas and flavors. Pale straw to light gold in color, this unfiltered beer has a cloudy appearance from the use of unmalted wheat; a sweet grain flavor (often with honey or vanilla notes); and a zesty citrus hit and coriander spice.

White Thai is anything but a typical Belgian-style Witbier, however.

Normally brewed with coriander and orange peel, Westbrook introduced fresh lemongrass, ginger root, and a dash of Sorachi Ace hops – inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine.

The perfect pairing with a spicy Thai dish, White Thai is super refreshing with notes of citrus, a slight sweetness from the wheat, and a little hint of heat from the ginger.

So go on, spice up your Saturday with a White Thai.

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