SingleCut // A Life of Ease

SingleCut // A Life of Ease

When your brewery is named after the shape of a guitar body, your beers are bound to be musically inspired.

SingleCut Beersmiths in Queens, New York brews a Juniper Kölsch called A Life of Ease.

Aptly timed with the passing of Sir George Martin, “the Fifth Beatle”, I thought this story would be a nice little beery nod to The Beatles.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Album CoverBest described by SingleCut’s WEBSITE, this beer sings:
“As we live, a life of ease, everyone of us, has all we need.”

If you’re not already hearing the song in your head, have a little listen here.

Much like The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, this bright beer is bright yellow.

Traditional in appearance, this crisp, clean Kölsch is anything but traditional in terms of flavor, as it has herbal, gin-like notes from the juniper infusion.

This beer has a day by (or under) the sea written all over it.

We may not all live in a yellow submarine, but pick up a pint of this beauty and hopefully you’ll be living a life of ease.

Love beer and music? Check out some of SingleCut’s other beer names, like their Is This The Real Life? IPA, Why Pamper Life’s Complexity? Sour Lager, and Does Anybody Remember Laughter? IPA. (Who know rock music had so many questions!)

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