Boulevard // Tank 7

Boulevard // Tank 7

Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri brews the Midwest’s best-selling saison, Tank 7.

Part of the brewery’s Smokestack Series of bold, complex beers, Tank 7 certainly fits the bill. This straw-colored farmhouse ale has a noticeable spicy, earthy hop aroma and flavor, followed by a soft malt sweetness, and a dry, bitter finish.

The Belgian yeast characteristics add a fruity note that interacts well with the floral, citrusy hop notes. There’s even a touch of pepper that complements the slight booziness from the 8.5% abv alcohol content.

Boulevard // Tank 7 on shelfSo where did this beer’s name come from? As Boulevard tells it, every brewery has that one piece of equipment that just doesn’t work quite right.

When experimenting with a recipe for their new farmhouse ale, however, the perfect brew was born in that very piece of equipment – fermenter number seven – and the name Tank 7 stuck.

You never know quite when (or where) the right ingredients will come together.

Image source: Thumbnail, Full size by Natalya Watson