Dupont // Bons Voeux

Dupont // Bons Voeux

Fully named Avec les bons Voeux de la brasserie Dupont, meaning “With the best wishes of the Brewery Dupont,” this beer was initially brewed as a New Year’s gift to the Dupont Brewery’s most loyal customers since its founding in 1970.

This beer became so popular, its success lead to commercial production, albeit in limited quantities, but the beer retained its original name.

Like a Belgian Tripel in style, Bons Voeux has beautiful hop aromas complemented by fruit and spice notes from carefully selected yeast strains that are given a long maturation period to develop their complex flavor profile.

Incredibly well balanced, you hardly notice the beer’s strength (which is quite high at 9.5% abv!).

Refermented in the bottle, this beer has an effervescent mouthfeel and dry finish. Who needs a bottle of bubbly when you can ring in the New Year with this beauty?

If you can find it, this special gift from the Dupont Brewery is a real treat.


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