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Lagunitas // Sucks

Yes, this beer is called Lagunitas Sucks. And, yes, Lagunitas named it themselves.

So, what’s the story here?

Back in 2010, Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California produced a Christmas ale called Brown Shugga’ that was received with much fanfare.

Their plan to bring the beer back in the 2011 holiday season didn’t go as planned, however.

There were setbacks during the brewery’s expansion that year, limiting production of their core beers, Lagunitas IPA and Pils.

As Brown Shugga’ is quite a big beer – meaning lots of malt and high in alcohol – it takes up lot of space and a lot of time in the tanks, which, unfortunately, the brewery just couldn’t spare without shorting orders.

Instead, Lagunitas brewed a Brown Shugga’ Substitute Ale that year and, humbled by the screw up, named it Lagunitas Sucks.

You can read their full explanation of the incident from the beer’s 2011 sell sheet below:Lagunitas // Sucks Sell Sheet

As it turns out, Lagunitas Sucks became so popular that it’s now produced year round! Even the name has stuck as a reminder of the events that brought this beer into being.

Authenticity is the buzzword in marketing these days, particularly with food and beverage brands – we want brands to be real with us, to let us know who they are.

And Lagunitas knew this way back in 2011.

Honesty goes a long with customers. Lagunitas admitted they messed up and their fans became even more loyal.

Saying sorry always helps. And saying it with a beer is even better.

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