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Siren // Ryesing Tides

Inspired by the mythical goddesses of the sea, Siren Craft Brew in Finchampstead, England will lure you in just like the siren song.

The labels for their core range are adorned by these dangerously beautiful women with names reminiscent of struggles you’d face upon a shipwreck – Soundwave, Undercurrent, Broken Dreams.

The nautical inspiration is carried through Siren’s seasonal IPA range – from Half Mast, to 7 Seas, to Ryesing Tides.

Each of these beer names has a story to tell, but the one we’re focusing on today is the rye IPA, Ryesing Tides. (Get it?)

Siren // Ryesing Tides

Most beers are typically made with barley malt, with wheat being the next most common grain, but, there’s always room for experimentation in brewing, so some brewers have introduced an additional cereal grain to the mash – rye.

If you know your whisk(e)y, rye will sound quite familiar – it’s the counterpoint to bourbon and has more spicy, fruity notes compared to bourbon’s corn-like sweetness.

In beer, rye adds a beautiful layer of complexity to the grain bill. Rye’s spice perfectly complements hop’s bitterness. And boy, does this combination sing in Siren’s Ryesing Tides.

Tropical fruit notes dominate the palate, complimented by spicy rye notes. The rye helps to dry the mouthfeel slightly, while the rye and hop bitterness linger in to the finish.

The added complexity and spice from rye lures in many pale ale and IPA fans. For your next fix, look out for Beavertown’s 8 Ball (England), Westbrook’s One Claw (US) and Pohjala’s Rukkirääk (Estonia).

Go on, spice up your life.

Image source: Thumbnail, Full size by Natalya Watson