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Founders // All Day IPA

An IPA you can drink all day?

Love the resiny, bitter face-punch of a hoppy IPA?

Wish you could drink it all day without ending up a bit too far gone? (At around 7% abv, those pints add up!)

Well wish no more, because Founders Brewing Co in Grand Rapids, Michigan has just the beer for you – their All Day IPA.

Made for a long drinking session, this lower alcohol, or “session”, IPA, brings the bitterness without the booze (typically 3.5–5% abv).

It’s not as easy to brew as it sounds though.

The modern American IPA is a balance-defined style – hop-forward with a strong malt backbone.

This malt backbone not only provides a platform for a resiny, piney hop showcase, it also bumps up the alcohol content.

Malted grains contain the starches and sugars that yeast converts into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the more malt that is used, the more sugar is available and the higher the alcohol content of the finished beer (pending the yeast’s fermentation ability).

Simply using less malt to lower the overall alcohol content often tips the scales unfavorably, however, causing many session IPAs to become overly bitter as they lack in malt sweetness and body.

It’s tough work keeping the hoppy, bitter punch without the same malt backbone, but Founders strikes that balance beautifully.

And, bonus, this beer comes in a can, so you can drink anywhere, all day long.