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Tiny Rebel // Cwtch

It’s Welsh for…

Well, it’s a tough one to explain. There’s no literal English translation for the Welsh word cwtch, but “safe place,” “cuddle,” or “affectionate hug” are the closest approximations.

As the clocks have gone back, the days are shorter, and the autumn chill sets in, this is the time of year when we could all use a little cuddle, so thank goodness Tiny Rebel Brewing Co in Newport, Wales makes a beer called just that. (Well, sort of.)

Tiny Rebel // Cwtch

Described as a “modern version of a traditional bitter,” Cwtch is a Welsh red ale with a caramelly malt backbone and loads of citrusy, piney American hops.

And Tiny Rebel is certainly feeling the love.

Earlier this year, Cwtch was voted the Champion Beer of Britain 2015 at the Great British Beer Festival. Talk about warm fuzzies!

If you can’t find Cwtch near you, there are plenty of spiced seasonals and winter warmers out there keep you feeling nice and toasty this time of year. What are your favorites?

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