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Woodland Empire // City of Trees IPA

The “I” in this IPA isn’t for India.

Boise, Idaho’s Woodland Empire Ale Craft brews a West Coast-style IPA called City of Trees. The “I” in IPA doesn’t stand for India though – it stands for Idaho!

Why? This Idaho Pale Ale is brewed using only organic, Idaho-grown hops (Bravo, Zeus, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial).

Woodland Empire // City of Trees IPAWhile the largest and best-known hop-growing region in the States is Yakima Valley, Washington (boasting approximately 75% of the nation’s hop acreage!), Idaho is the third-largest hop-producing state, behind Oregon. Together, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho account for 98% of all US hop acreage.

Although many of the same varietals are grown in the three states (Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, to name a few), variations in climate, soil, and water quality by state, region, even by farm, can impact a hop’s alpha acid content, aromas, and flavors at harvest.

As the interest in locally-sourced food has grown, so too has the use of locally-sourced ingredients in beer. Proud of their home state, Woodland Empire’s City of Trees Idaho Pale Ale brings Idaho terroir to the bottle.

Woodland Empire Geek SpeakWould you like to see more breweries following Woodland Empire’s lead and spotlighting their ingredient sourcing? If it gives drinkers an appreciation for the impact of the local land on their favorite brews, I’m all for it!

P.S. Wonder why this beer is called the City of Trees Idaho Pale Ale? Boise, Idaho, where Woodland Empire brewery is based, is known as the “City of Trees”.

Image source: Thumbnail, Full size by Natalya Watson