Weird Beard // Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja

London’s Weird Beard Brew Co brews a beer called Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja. So, what exactly is a Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja?

Weird Beard // Faceless Spreadsheet NinjaAccording to Weird Beard,

“They sit at a desk and throw numbers around like a demented knife juggler. No-one sees them but without them, the brewery would grind to a halt…”

Every brewery has one. At Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co, their spreadsheet ninja is called the “Bills Are Paid Guy.” You can bet that’s a can’t-do-without role.

For me, this beer is a great reminder that running a brewery is so much more than just brewing and drinking – it’s a business. You’ve got to love (or hire someone who loves) accounts, operations, sales, and marketing, just as much as designing recipes and picking out hops.

There’s often a spotlight on brewers and brewmasters (which is certainly well deserved!), but it’s important to take time to recognize all the team members that keep a brewery up and running… and let them in on the brewing process every once in a while, too!

Weird Beard’s Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja (and Founder), Gregg Irwin, used to brew, so he designed this recipe – a German Pilsner with a heap of Citra hops, giving this crisp, clean lager citrus and tropical fruit notes.

So grab a bottle and raise your glass to all the people behind the scenes that keep your favorite breweries up and running.


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