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Oxbow // Crossfade

Domestic meets continental.

Oxbow Brewery is based in Newcastle, Maine with a Blending & Bottling/Tasting Room facility in Portland, Maine.

This American farmhouse brewery produces a series of Belgian-inspired beers with an American influence. Their blonde saison has been brewed twice – once with American hops, named Domestic, then again with European hops, called Continental.

While each of these beers is available individually, I was most intrigued by the blend of both, aptly named Crossfade.

Oxbow Crossfade bottleFor Crossfade, the Domestic and Continental beers are blended together, then refermented in the bottle with Brettanomyces, an alternative yeast strain that gives Crossfade funky, tart characteristics that neither base beer possessed – talk about a whole new world.

Looking to add depth and complexity to a beer? Blend it with another.

Blending is much more common in brewing than you might think, particularly with sour and wild ales. But, that’s a story for another time… 😉

Image source: Thumbnail, Full size by Natalya Watson