Indy Man Beer Con

Indy Man Beer Con Poster

Indy Man Beer Con

Earlier this month, I attended the Independent Manchester Beer Convention, or Indy Man, as it’s known. Held in Manchester, England, great breweries from North England and beyond come together for a four-day festival and celebration of all things beer.

Today’s topic of conversation isn’t beer festivals though (we’ll save that one for another time!), it’s this awesome poster designed by Steve Hockett.

Indy Man is held in the Victoria Baths in Manchester. You can check out the beautiful, historic venue here. Probably makes a lot more sense why the character is swimming, right?! And, no, he’s (sadly) not in a pool full of beer.

Beer labels, logos, and other marketing and branding assets are so diverse and creative these days.

It can be tough to stand out in a crowded market, but the designs below certainly caught my eye. Here are a few of my favorites from Prairie Artisan Ales, Good Beer Hunting, and Omnipollo.

Share yours in the comments!

Prairie Artisan Ales bottles (full size)
Some of my favorite beer labels from Prairie Artisan Ales in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Empty beer bottles // flower vases. (Please excuse the (very) dirty window.)
Good Beer Hunting Uppers and Downers
The beautiful logo for Good Beer Hunting + Intelligentsia Coffee’s coffee beer event, Uppers & Downers.
Omnipollo bottles
A selection of bottles from Swedish gypsy brewery, Omnipollo. Designed by Karl Grandin.

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Indy Man Beer Con poster
Prairie Artisan Ales bottles (// flower vases)
Omnipollo bottles
Good Beer Hunting Uppers & Downers poster