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Wild Beer Co // Evolver IPA

The name says it all.

Somerset, England’s Wild Beer Co. is best known for their use of wild yeast and their wildly experimental ideas for beers. One of their brews, the Evolver IPA, is very aptly named.

You may think it’s just like any other India Pale Ale, highly hopped with a balanced malt backbone, but this one – in true Wild Beer Co. style – is brewed with an alternative yeast strain, Brettanomyces, which, over time, contributes fruity and funky flavors to beers.

When young, the Evolver IPA takes like a traditional example of the style, but as it ages, this beer “evolves”, developing a characteristic Brett quality, often described as leather, wet hay, or horse blanket.

Yes, it sounds a bit funky, but give a Brett beer a try, it just might surprise you (in a good way!).

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