The Oxford Companion to Beer

The Oxford Companion to Beer

Oxford Companion to Beer

Continuing our discussion on beer education, give this a read and you’ll know it all!

The Oxford Companion to Beer, compiled and edited by Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver, is nearly 1,000 pages long with over 1,100 entries on beer.

It’s bound to be one heck of an undertaking to read (let alone compile and edit!). I can’t say I’ve gotten started on that undertaking myself yet, but it’s on my list of beer geek must-reads, for sure. Have you tackled it?

To learn a little more about how the Oxford Companion to Beer came about, you can hear Garrett Oliver speak to it on this Good Beer Hunting podcast. He starts discussing the book around 64 minutes in, but the whole episode is well worth a listen.

Fun fact: The Oxford Companion series started in 1932 with the Oxford Companion to English Literature. Written to “provide general knowledge within a specific area,” there are now 100 books in the series. Here’s the full list; happy reading!

Image source: Natalya Watson