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Mikkeller // Vanilla Sky

Made for the movies.

As the name might suggest, this beer, an IPA, is brewed with vanilla beans. Did you catch the name’s other reference though?

Yep, I’m talking about the 2001 film Vanilla Sky starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz & Cameron Diaz.

Vanilla SkyThis vanilla IPA was brewed by Mikkeller specifically for the 2015 Blu Ray re-release of the film. Pretty cool, right? Even the beer’s label is designed to look like a film release poster by the incredible Keith Shore, Mikkeller’s Art Director.

For me, this beer opens up an interesting dialogue about the role of craft beer and the movie and entertainment industries. We often associate champagne with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but should beer have a place at the table?

As of yet, I can only think of one movie that features craft beer as its backdrop (2013’s Drinking Buddies, but correct me if I’m wrong!). Otherwise, beer is primarily featured as a conduit to collegiate overindulgence (hello Beerfest and Animal House).

Should more craft beers be brewed for films, featured in films or present when we celebrate achievements in the film and entertainment industries (or any celebration where we typically default to champagne, for that matter)?

Let me know your thoughts, and if you know of any other beers brewed for films or inspired by films, share them in the comments.

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