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Põhjala // Uus Maailm

The new world.

Estonian craft brewery, Põhjala, brews what they call a “San Diego Session IPA” named Uus Maailm. The Estonian name may not mean much to you, but the English translation – “The new world” – just might.

This hop-forward, wheat-based session IPA contains a ton of Galaxy and Mosiac hops, both New World varietals. Galaxy hops are grown in Australia, while Mosaic hops grow in the States.

New World hops are those grown anywhere outside of Europe, essentially, but are primarily thought of as hops from America, Australia and New Zealand. They all have characteristic resin and citrus notes, with complementary juicy, tropical fruit flavors (from passion fruit and pineapple, to white grape and peach).

One sip of this beer and you’ll feel like your sitting on a beach in San Diego… and hopefully the only shark you’ll see is the one on the bottle.

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